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José Asencio’s journey from San Salvador to success in Canada

By Antonio Sánchez

In 1991, José Asencio, a brave migrant from San Salvador, arrived in the cold lands of Canada with dreams and a bag full of hope. In a completely new country, he sought support and a chance for a better future.

Although they faced unknown challenges, José’s determination and his skill in auto bodywork and painting paved a path to success.

San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, became a starting point for José in search of a more prosperous life. Although there was no civil war in El Salvador at the time, poverty and lack of opportunity drove many to seek a better life abroad. “There is no future” resonated in their minds, and the responsibility of being the only inspiration for his family led him to take the risk and emigrate.

José arrived in Canada, alone leaving his family including his unborn daughter. His talent in tinsmithing and painting, although not fully developed, became his lifeline. As he settled into his new home, José learned and perfected his skills in the trade, as necessity drove him to constantly improve himself.

The transition was not easy. José faced difficulties in gaining the trust of the people and establishing himself in the community. The negative stereotypes associated with Latinos in the business were an obstacle, but his persistence and work ethic helped him change that perception. Over time, José and his shop, ASC Autobody , earned a solid reputation in the field.

José understood that his dream was not only his own, but also an aspiration for prosperity and security for his family. His business grew, offering automotive bodywork and painting services, as well as general mechanics and car sales. Working with insurance companies and providing comprehensive services, the workshop became a refuge for those facing traffic accidents.

However, José never lost sight of his roots. He remembered his humble origins and the difficulty of leaving his mother and sister behind. Eventually, he managed to bring his mother to Canada, reuniting his family in the land that offered them a new opportunity.

When asked about his success, José humbly responds: “I don’t like to boast. To say that we are good, let people say it.” José’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction speaks for itself through the positive reviews and trust he has earned over time.

José Asencio’s story is a testimony of resilience, dedication and sacrifice. Since arriving in Canada in 1991, he has transformed a dream into a reality through excellence in his craft and creating a business that offers hope and solutions to the community. His journey from San Salvador to success in Canada is an inspiring example of how determination can overcome difficulties and open doors to a better future.